Black Reissue Silver or Gold Hardware

  1. Hi, chanel just called me they have a black reissue 227 with gold hardware. It looks nice but i have always liked silver hardware better. May be time to try something different. What do you all think?
  2. Gold Hardware is more sparking, silver is timeless.
    Heee...for me I :heart: silver more!!!
  3. Ah I faced almost the same dilemma when getting my black reissue. It was either the black reissue with gold hw or metallic black with silver hw. And trust me, most of my accessories are in silver/white gold and I am MUCH more a silver person.

    But what I realised is that if you're gonna get a matte BLACK reissue, then the gold hw makes the bag stand out SO much more. Of course some pple think the gold is too bling (I've had a MALE colleague comment on that) but I don't care. Once I tried on the black with gold hw, I literally couldn't put it down. It was love at first sight for me and I've never regretted choosing it over silver hw.
  4. Thanks. I agree the gold stands out more against black. But black/silver just seems like a safer bet. I need to go take alook at it again.
  5. I think that gold harware is timeless and classy! And I always thought that gold can be mixed with everything, even silver!
    The first 2.55 ever made had gold hardware.
    It's an easy choice!!
  6. I just bought a black reissue with gold H/W. It is beautiful beyond words!!

  7. Your reissue is beautiful! Looks kinda different from the one I saw. What leather is it?
  8. It is vintage lambskin leather (matte). Not the metallic black. This is the classic leather for the reissue. Maybe it looks a bit strange because I shot the picture with my cell phone!
  9. I think all reissues are in distressed calfskin, black or metallic black, they are just treated differently.
  10. I don't know the difference between calfskin and lambskin. Maybe you're right IceEarl! It is definitely not caviar though!!
  11. i prefer reissue with silver hardware.

  12. I also own this bag and is one of my favorite!, the g/h is amazing and is not shiny at all, is more muted/aged gold also the leather is a vintage-ish leather, as opposed to the metallic leather it has more shine and also the silver hardware is muted too. Good luck on your choice.:tup:
  13. I'm a silver girl all the way but that is because I wear cool colours and have silver/platinum everything else - for me, it has to be a personal decision based more on who the wearer of the bag is than the bag itself.
  14. Ooooo, I like it in the gold!:yes:
  15. ITA! ;) I'm also more of a silver person, but I really like black reissue with gold h/w.