Black Reissue- Patent, Aged Calf, Metallic?


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Feb 18, 2008
I NEED a Black Reissue 226 for evening wear.
Which one should I get?
Is the Met black/black hardware still available?
Will they have a good collection of 2.55 for the upcoming collection that I should wait for?


aka Minal :)
Dec 7, 2006
I say either the metallic or aged calf! I have a metallic black 226 from '07 that I use all the time, and it's perfect for dinners out, etc. :love: My aged black reissues are both 227s, although you can't go wrong with an aged calf 226 (the leather is absolutely amazing)!! :love: Hell, I love patent too haha. :P I guess it depends on how versatile you want the bag to be... patent *may* not be as versatile (AFAIK, there is just the gold h/w patent reissue from a few years back). The metallic black reissue isn't readily available at the moment, but you may be able to track it down if you call around, or stalk ebay! Hmm, and the aged black is definitely out there... just call a bunch of stores or have your SA put one on locater for you. :flowers:


Apr 1, 2008
^OOhhhh! Where did you find one!?

Got it from KLCC Malaysia Chanel boutique, Aged calf matte reissue with GHW, size 226 for RM10840. :yahoo:

Since this is also my b'day month, told my husband I follow the western calendar and the Lunar calender, so 2 Chanels for every b'day. Let's see how long he will be fooled:graucho:

I shall do a reveal if I hv the time later...

Do share with us what you decide on and good luck!
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