Black Reissue 228 with GH - Have I ANY chance of finding one?

  1. What are my chances of finding an XL or Jumbo (228) Reissue in black with gold hardware? Lamb, not patent if possible.

    I'm willing to try eBay, and/or pay full price... whatever...
  2. One of the girls from this subforum just bought one from and I think she was thinking of returning it. You might try to find her before she returns it?
  3. Thank you for the quick reply, Smoothoprter!

    Unfortunately, when I think of, I think the word, "trouble"... would you personally buy from them?
  4. Oh sure, I have bought lots of stuff from including Chanel and everything has been awesome and authentic. I've never had any trouble.:yes:
  5. you can try to call the japan chanel boutique. i was hunting the grey reissue or black reissue in 225/226 and was told that there's black reissue w/ gold hardware yesterday. my sister didn't ask the size though, since we weren't interested.
  6. I also bought the 228 reissue from Bluefly and it is authentic.