Black Re-issues in Neuiman Marcus, San Antonio

  1. Hello,
    Just to let all those who are looking for re-issues know this news. The Neuiman Marcus at San Antonhio, Union Sq (?) has two black patent re-issues each in 226 and 227 sizes :nuts: . They are selling for USD 2175 and USD 2375 before tax respectively. Unfortunately, they have no confidence in mailing bags to Singapore, or else.... :graucho:

  2. Which hardware?
  3. It is in matt gold.
  4. Thanks for the heads up!

    Does anyone know what size reissue Sienna Miller has in this photo?
    Siena Miller Chanel Reissue.jpg
  5. ^^
    that looks like the jumbo to me.
  6. Sienna has the 226 I believe.
  7. ^^that looks bigger than the 226...more like the 227 or even 228:shrugs:
  8. ooh! I think I posted this one! Love sienna miller.

    I think it looks like the 227. She IS tiny, but she also has on tons of layers that puff the width of her body out (making the bag look smaller)...
  9. NM @ San Antonio TX?