Black Ramona for $799!!

  1. I was calling ScoopNYC today to see if they have any bags on sale. Unfortunately for me, it's one I just got last week! But the SA said they still have a few left! I got mine and it's first Choo! Anyway, if anyone wants one, call the Miami branch.
  2. the biker one?
  3. They said on the phone it's the biker one, but the picture they emailed me is the regular leather. Probably should ask again. She said it's the snake trim though...seemed pretty sure of it.
  4. Did anyone call and snap it up? Was it the biker leather with watersnake trim? The calf leather didn't have the watersnake trim.

    If it is/was a biker Ramona for $799....that is one beeyouteeful bag and a GREAT deal! :yahoo:
    "yeah, yeah, yeah....GO PATS!" ;)
  5. Me, me me! Ph no pppllleeeaase? :shame:
  6. I actually called almost all of their stores yesterday looking for it, as one of our Choo ladies really wanted it and it was completely sold out :sad: I finally found a sweet girl who was willing to help me and call the remaining stores to see if she could track one down for me. It was the slick calf Ramona and it was on sale in the black and red. There were a couple of their stores which still had the biker leather Ramona's, but they were not on sale :cursing:
  7. I just talked to the Miami branch and she said it was the black biker leather with snake trim for $799, but they just sold it "a few minutes ago". Hope a tPFer got it!
  8. AHHH!!! I just got the biker leather with snake trim for retail. I would have loved the huge price cut.
  9. I've been wanting a Ramona bag since forever! but the biker w/ snake trim will not be going on sale by jimmy choo :sad:. Even if I wanted it for original price, there is only ONE JC store in my area, and they're sold out. I wish I was one of those lucky people who got it for $799! what a great deal!