1. Beautiful! This seems like the smaller size like the first?
  2. Oooookay... it appears that parts of the bag are made from wild boar (sus scrof) - I guess the front appliqué? Interesting...
  3. huh... interesting. must be the face piece... the rest looks like it's made of goat, same smooth leather. the front piece does seem to have a distinct stippled finish, so do the handles. hm. interesting! pigskin, never imagined it.

    eta: looked up matelasse

    Mate`las`se´ (må`lå`sã´)
    a. 1. Ornamented by means of an imitation or suggestion of quilting, the surface being marked by depressed lines which form squares or lozenges in relief; as, matelassé silks.
  4. omg! sooo pretty
  5. Very pretty.
  6. The padded bags are made of Lamb leather ... hence the reason why it's soooooooooooooooooooooo soft!!!

    The "small" size isn't really small at all ... it's actually closer to the City size but a heck of a lot wider (kind of like a large-size Box Bag).

    The Black is really cool ... it looks like a Chanel bag but has that Balenciaga "edge" to it. I can't wait to get my Rouge Vif LARGE Padded!!!!!
  7. I've been a B-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-D girl again ... I bought the Black Padded too (except that unlike the Rouge Vif, I have my grubby hands on the Black one already :lol: !!!).
  8. CeeJay!!! You MUST post pics for my guilty viewing pleasure :lol: CONGRATS on the new additions!!! :yahoo:
  9. Thanks Hatikuh!!! I've decided to augment the bag with my various Skull Charms and my Black & White McQueen Skull Head scarf. Looks soooooooooooo cool ... you should see the looks I've been getting in work!