black quilted venetia

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  1. What year or season did the Venetia (black quilted) have tan canvas lining?
  2. ?? Mine is F/W 2005 and has the bordeaux suede, so maybe S/S 06?
  3. Thanks. I recently purchased the black quilted Venetia bag. I had my cousin get it from Nordstrom with her discount. I love the bag. However, on close inspection, I have noticed that the stitching does not look even on one side across the area where the zipper is on top. Is this normal?

  4. You mean the stitching around the end of the zipper, which holds the zipper in place? Sort of a box shape? I've seen it a slightly bit crooked on some bags, but not terribly crooked...
  5. Not exactly. You know the zipper has cloth on either side of it and it (the cloth) is attached to the leather at the top of the bag where the zipper runs along the top. The stitching of the leather (where it ends) and runs into the cloth that the zipper is attached to is uneven. Sorry, it is hard to explain.

  6. ok, confused now.. LOL... maybe if you a post a pic that will help! IMO, for a really expensive bag, the stitching should be as perfect as possible, with no loose threads or crooked stitches... I'm forgiving of one or two, but not a lot!