Black quilted style??? I need input

  1. So Bag-Addict got me thinking, I need to ask about this bag to see if anyone knows what it may be. I left a bag on the sale rack at Nordstrom about three months ago. All I know is is was about the size of a small MP. It was open to the top and closed with a snap. It had the chain handles, I believe the top where they would sit on your shoulder were leather. Allover quilted, no exterior zippers, pockets, etc. Any ideas? TIA!
  2. I hope I am not a bad influence! Have you seen this bag on the Marc Jacobs website? Also, you might call Christy in Handbags at Nordstrom in Charlotte. She can probably help you determine what they had in stock. Best of luck!!
  3. Interesting! Nothing comes to mind.... No zippers on the outside at all? What color was it? and were there any pushlocks anywhere?
  4. Thanks ladies. No pushlocks, no zippers, nothing. I guess in shape it was like a smaller version of the mix quilted east west. Very similar idea, except it was allover quilted black. It was on the clearance table for like $500. A return fluke most likely. Do you think it may have been from fall 06 or earlier? And Bag-Addict don't feel bad you are not a bad influence at all. I just wish I knew what the bag was named so that I can search for it.