Black Quilted flap on Bluefly - is it a good deal?

  1. Bluefly is often wrong on their retail values, so I'm just wondering if this info is correct:

    Black Leather Quilted Shoulder Bag
    retail value: $1,795.00
    bluefly: $1,436.00

    I have it in my cart right now. I've been wanting a classic flap, but this one looks smaller than what I've been wanting. Then again, if it's a good deal and I can get an additional % off, maybe I should get it... :confused1:

    Measures 10'' at widest 5'' tall at center 2'' deep. Weighs 1lb.
  2. The shape looks like an EW flap? if so those retail for 1395 in caviar I think 1495 in Lambskin which is the leather they are showing.
  3. ^^That's what I was afraid of!! Good grief, Bluefly needs to get their retail prices straight!!! Ugh. I'm starting to wonder if they're inflating the prices on purpose. They have posted 3 Balenciaga bags in the last week with "Bluefly 20% off retail" prices that ended up being higher than retail!!!
  4. Bluefly does that all the time. They increase their prices. I've seen many things for over retail.
  5. Well, I deleted it from my shopping could be an ok deal for someone if they can get one of the 20% off codes to work. I've already used up all my 9 lives with the Bluefly 20% off codes. ;)