black python Ryan tote

  1. Anyone have any feedback on her?

    does the shiney python print get easily worn down or scratched? I have a mackenzie python print clutch but I don't use her too much so it's not an issue. I'm looking for a fun but practical (black!) alternate to a basic black work bag and I really love the style of this one...a little rock 'n roll, eh? :graucho:
  2. I wish I could help. All I can add is that I don't think I will have to purposely baby my python Jessie. The leather seems able to withstand every day wear. I think that is the same leather as that beautiful Ryan.....
  3. Thanks, Compass! I'm taking the plunge and getting her...I'll return if she's not a major hit. I'm in major retail therapy mode right now and being jobless and BF-less right now, believe me I'll take her back if she's not a hit.

    thank you!! XXXOO
  4. seems like all the crappy things that happen seem to happen in pairs.......good luck to you. Time heals all, you know.......

    I have a feeling that you will like that leather finish! Take care.
  5. It seems to me that this bag will either be a big hit in your eyes or a big failure. I think you'll be able to tell right away. I love the style and it is very classy looking but almost too dressy for me. I think it's a bag you need to see IRL to tell if it's for you or not. Hope it turns out to be good for you. You need a little boost in your life right now.
  6. I'm so excited you're getting this, Pursegrrl, I love the style, but think I would prefer it in soft leather...would love to hear what you think of the patent:smile:

    (life will look up, you know, your bright personality will shine through and attract both the job and eventually a great guy:smile:)
  7. Maggie, Compass and Lexie, you guys rock. Thanks for your Kooba advice and overall support!
  8. Ryan tote is on the way with ETA early next week! I am still so on the fence, it's too funny. I thought the python print would be a little to casual for a work bag, but I did try her on at Nordstrom recently and the SA thought the python was actually a dressier touch (as Lexie also pointed out above!).

    I'm not 100% sold on the look of the handles but ah well, I'm just gonna sit back and wait for my delivery next week and make a decision then.

    Cheers! totally OT but I carried my Sienna in desert today, one of my few true summer bags. She's so happy to be out of hibernation!!
  9. I saw the Ryan when I was in Las Vegas in May and I really liked the bag. I think you could use it either way dress up or every day casual. I think it was heavy though cant remember for sure as I was woman handling so many bags.
  10. I believe all of the Koobas that I have fondled in the past have been heavier than my other bags, and, normally, that would turn me away, but the Koobas are so darned beautiful and I have gotten used to the heavy-ness, and to be honest, I don't even think about it anymore. It feels good to be holding on to such a beautifully substantial bag.
  11. IMO the python print really dresses up the bag..... almost too dressy for me. I have the Charlie and adore it but it never seems to be the right bag for any occassion. It is very sparkly (but very gorgeous too!).
  12. Oh, Pursegrrl..........I went to Saks to day and say your Ryan! She's beautiful, and I think she will be dressy, but I can picture her with jeans and a white tank, looking fabulous!!! Oh....and she's not that heavy, really!
  13. ^^ Yeah I was surprised how lightweight she is!

    I've got my pics posted in another thread...I have no business spending $$ on bags right now but I just couldn't resist...
  14. I can't believe how I can't spell.....duh! I really did SEE your purse! Glad you like it....where did you post?
  15. Lol, I knew what ya meant. let me find that thread...just a sec :graucho: