black purseket bled on pomme wallet?

  1. I just noticed my pomme ludlow wallet is a bit dirty on the sides. It's a bit black and i was wearing it in my black purseket. Could that be the problem? Or is that just normal after a while of using it? I wanna now because if it's from the purseket I will no longer put my wallet in it...
  2. It could be there have been a few threads about the black one bleeding on things. I wouldn't use the black. Try another color if you still want a purseket. I have the red.
  3. The same thing happen to me with my red purseket and my denim trousse speedy pm. I don't use my purseket anymore.
  4. Yes, the pomme is susceptible to color transfer. My beautiful pomme envelope now has some black color transfer from by Black Loewe Wallet. I didn't think this was possible since my wallet is leather (and NOT of a cheap kind), but it did. So, despite the posts that say that pomme is more resistant to transfer, it's NOT!
  5. if the inside of the purseket is dark suede, then yes it's probably from the purseket. my viva-cite GM is ruby alcantara suede and it bleed onto my mc wallet. i've noticed that LV suede likes to bleed onto almost anything.