Black Purse vs. Ink Box - PICS

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  1. Do I keep them both and skip on marine? Sorry to keep buggin on this I just can't decide! :hysteric:

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  2. I think you made the right choice and got both of them! They are amazing!
  3. What a tough decision! Black bags are available every season and ink is not, but the purse is discontinued. If it were me....I'd keep them and skip the marine. Actually, if it were me I'd figure out something I could sell so I could get the marine too!
  4. Lori - LOL I tried to sell my rouge vif courier, but got no bites!
  5. ^lol, i totally agree with LoriB! they are both discontinued in their own ways really. maybe you can wait on the marine and get it later?
  6. ^^ ditto :tender:
  7. Both bags are gorgeous. I agree, keep them both. Marine should be available for quite a while.
  8. Have you seen the marine IRL? I would wait and see if you like the color and the type of leather. You have 2 really desirable bags - I think you will always be able to find buyers. My vote is to keep both.
  9. I would keep both and skip the marine :yes: since both styes are discontinued. And they look great :heart:
  10. I'm not a big fan of the box style so I would keep the Purse and get the marine instead of the ink box.
  11. keep ink's TDF!!....

    i'd say let go of the balck me balck is easier to find and purse isn't really my type :smile:
  12. i'm not a fans of the box, so... i would get a marine in any other style.
  13. You know what I am going to say - keep them both !!!! I do like the ink box better though - if you feel like you just can't keep both .... I have not seen the marine yet.
  14. Do you want a bag with more blue undertone or purplish?

    Both bags look great btw.
  15. Keep them both and skip the marine.