Black Purse or Greige Day?

  1. Ok, so now I have a Rouge VIF City and a Bleu Twiggy...

    But what next?

    I have always been in love with Greige... but have also been convinced a black bag should be next on my list!

    The first is not for me, as it would be too small.

    I really love the purse style and the day looks nice, but I am not sure if they day is a little too longish for me...

    Any thoughts/ suggestions? Any other styles I should consider?
  2. purse!
  3. I would say Purse!!!!!
  4. Purse, but they are harder to find now. Have you tried Aloharag in Hawaii to see if they have a black purse? Or what about a black city, if the purses are sold out?
  5. I do still have my Greige Day BTW...
  6. definitely the day.
  7. black purse (if you can find one)
  8. Day
  9. I think I will ask Aloha Rag about purses... I think they do still have black purses from the last PDF they sent me
  10. Purse. :yes:
  11. Between two choices, I say "PURSE".
  12. I have an ink day and a black purse. The day is more casual than the purse.
  13. The City and Twiggy are fairly casual bags too... I'm leaning toward the purse...

    Can you post some pics of your black purse? What year is it?
  14. Day
  15. black purse here too :smile: