Black PST with silver h/w available at NM in SF

  1. They have one available for sale now - price is $1,350. It's the new caviar so it's matte and softer than the older version. They also had a black GST with silver h/w in stock but it's on hold for someone, but the SA said the person might pass on it so it never hurts to ask about it. I really hope someone gets the PST so I won't be tempted to buy it myself!

    Call Remo if interested: 415-627-7229
  2. wow... good deal. I hope a tpf-er gets it! Thanks for the post!
  3. thanks for posting~
  4. Hi, do they happen to have a white one? I'm looking for a white one. Thanks!
  5. They didn't have any other colors - no white or beige. They did have a PST with gold h/w with the old shiny caviar.
  6. It's mine all mine! Wahahahaha!! M
  7. Did you end up getting it? That's so awesome! :tup:
  8. I did! It was pouring out and I trudged from 5 blocks away to get it. I got soaked, but it was so worth it! I needed a small tote and it's really cute!
    Luckily I already have my funds set aside for my Yellow e/w!! Must stay focused...:nuts:


    BTW - Zizi is my SA in SF. Her cell is 510/604.1987 - she's the best!
  9. :yes:
    I know....the weather was SO horrible last night. I hate all that wind and rain. But enjoy your new looks the weather will be clearing up soon.
  10. Hi! Was it on sale b/c someone returned it? Let us know if you see another sale for it, it's so cute!

  11. I don't think it's on sale, it's for sale... 1,350 is the normal price
  12. Yes, for sale - not on sale. I doubt we'll ever see the beige PST ever go on sale since it's such a classic color.
  13. Congrats! Post pics when you have time!!
  14. Thank you for the clarification ladies! I'm looking into purchasing a PST and am extremely happy to know that it's priced the same as the Cambon I was looking at. It'll be my first Chanel, yay!