Black PST w/ silver HW available at Saks Miami

  1. Hi, I usually post in the LV forum, but thought I could help some Chanel addicts out :smile:.
    Saks at the Dadeland mall had just gotten 2 black PSTs w/ silver HW in. They also had GSTs with silver hardware. Available in the new washed caviar. I am not that familiar w/ Chanel, so I am not sure what else came in...the SA mentioned there was alot of new stuff. Contact number is 305-662-8655 ext 355.
  2. Thanks for posting it!
  3. I think that bag is at a reasonable price too :smile:
  4. Thx for posting! The washed caviar is very nice!
  5. I just purchased that bag this week and love it. The Caviar is nice - not stiff.