Black PS1 pouch, which hardware? Please help me decide


Black PS1 pouch -- what hardware do you prefer: silver or black?

  1. gunmetal/silver harware

  2. black hardware

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  1. I love the black :smile:
  2. Interestingly black hardware is ahead by 6 votes to 3 but after seeing more pictures of badly chipped and flaking black hardware I've decided to get the pouch with the gunmetal hardware. Difficult to tell from photos how it will actually look IRL but I hope that it'll be as sleek as the black hardware and age a little more gracefully.

    Thank you all for giving me your thoughts on this. :yes:
  3. Hi drati! I have not seen the black hw in real life, but I wanted to say hi just the same. :smile: Ironically I just ordered my first PS Pouch last night. I have wanted one for sooooo long. They are super cute and after seeing one at Nordies they fit a lot more than I expected. This is my first PS handbag, I only have an accessory, but I can report that the leather on my wallet/pouch is completely to die for, I have had it for a year and I still oooooh and ahhhhh over it, lol. Really gorgeous and yummy to touch leather, it is what has made me what to get a handbag. My vote for your hardware is silver/gunmetal. I like the look of the black from pictures too, but I would not want to deal with any possible chipping. Enjoy your Pouch, please do a reveal ok????!!!!!! Cheers!
  4. Oh, that's great to hear that it fits more than you thought. I haven't seen one IRL yet but have been wanting one for so long too. This is my first PS too and I will definitely post some pictures. Can't wait now -- my order has just shipped but it'll be the middle/end of next week at the earliest until I get it.

    Congratulations on your purchase too -- where did you order from? And please do a reveal too, I can't wait to see.

  5. Congrats on your Pouch! I'm curious to see how you like the black/gunmetal combo. I think it will look great on you!
  6. Thanks ehemelay. I hope I like it. I will post when I got it.

    Last night I dreamt about the pouch (typical!) and the one I was wearing had black hardware and it looked gorgeous. Both versions are really nice, I think you can't go wrong with either.
  7. Oh how funny, mine will be here in the middle of next week too. I have wanted one in Teal since receiving my accessory in Teal last year. Again, I have been SO happy with the leather and construction of my wallet, I use it as a pouch on a daily basis and it still looks new and so happy sitting inside my Bals. I had read some reviews that about the screws on the Pouch coming undone so I almost didn't buy one, but the love I have for this leather won in the end, LOL. I think if I just do as everyone suggests and periodically check the screws to make sure they are tight all will be well. I almost waited too long, but finally found a Teal Pouch at Mrs H in Stockholm, Sweden. Their customer service has been wonderful. The Pouch has been on display in their boutique as opposed to in a back storage room, so I hope it is in great condition.... we'll see! I can return it if I need to. Yes, when I first saw the Pouch at Nordies, it was bigger than I expected. It is still a small crossbody, but it is not teeny tiny. Cheers dear drati, I am so excited for your Black beauty! Please keep me posted, I anxiously await the arrival of your bag! :smile:
  8. ^^^ I will keep checking the screws in mind, thanks. Teal sounds amazing too, looking forward to seeing yours too.
  9. The voting is still tied, 7 all now.

    Well, the pouch arrived today and I am thrilled. Love the leather, the detail, the size, everything. The gunmetal hw looks good IMO. From some angles it looks black, then more like a dull grey. It blends in nicely with the black bag and doesn't look too tough or masculine on this little cute pouch. I'll post pictures later when I have a moment.

    Thanks to you everyone who helped me decide -- I am very happy to get my first PS1. Now lets' hope those screws stay tight! :graucho:
  10. Just posting a few quick phone pictures. Sorry, I haven't had the chance yet to take better ones.



    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  11. Oh my! I've been thinking about buying this bag for ages, but have been on the fence until seeing the gunmetal hardware. You made a great choice.
  12. Thanks. The gunmetal looks more durable to me, and more classic in some ways, than the painted black hardware. Both are pretty low key, which I like. I enjoy how the black hardware blends in but had some trouble getting my head around the fact that it is coated. The chipping would have bothered me, I think. And I also noticed that the zippers were gunmetal on those bags, not black like the other hardware. I didn't like that inconsistency so much either, esp now that there is an alternative available.