Black printed Alexa (or: where did the white stitches go?)

  1. Hi Vicky - great bag and modelling pic - you rock her!! Can't give you any answer specifically to your Alexa, but with regard to Roxanne - something similar happened to Black AG Roxy - it actually came in two versions - one with white stitching and uniform shiny black glaze, the other with tonal black stitching, but with a bronzy "sheen".

    Both AG's are genuine, but it is sometimes a mystery why they do this - is it perhaps another anti-counterfeiting measure? (that's my suspicious mind working overtime!;) or were some of the ones sold in outlets a little different to the shops/ - not sure, but suggest you have a word with Mooshooshoo - who may be able to help - similar query the other day I recall, where the interiors of several Bays were all slightly different, but all genuine.....:smile:
  2. The black on black is much better. I wouldn't like white stitching on a black bag that got stained :nogood:
  3. Love the printed Alexa. I love the black stitches a lot more then white. Black on black is more classy IMO. The bag looks very structure n I wonder if it will get slouchy after loved. Looks great on u! U made a right choice :smile:
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    Ab stunning im trying to get to the House of Fraser in High Wycombe tomorrow to see both for myself hopefully.
    I feel a purchase coming on very soon but deciding which colour is going to be hard as the black is gorgeous.
    Oak was my first option but black is safer and looks smarter imo. Whereas the oak is more casual.
    Very observant to notice the white stitching i prefer the black as well.
    Congratulations on a super choice and wear her in good health.
    I feel more tpf members will be buying this one its a real stunner and it suits you perfectly.
    Can i ask why you went for the black? As it may help me decide. ;)
  5. I have been looking for a black smarter bag for a while - as a replacement for my black plonge lambskin/python Alexa that I sold a while ago (too slouchy for my taste, the straps much too complicated - they were all over the place, came undone and drove me crazy). All I knew was that I was never going to buy an Alexa again, lol.

    I did admire the oak printed too, but found that the black is much more my style - I'm a black bag girl at heart.

    Everything that bothered me about my last Alexa is different on this one: the structured body of the bag, obviously, but also the front straps: they are much sturdier in the printed leather and just sits nicely. On my lambskin Alexa the buckles came undone from time to time, that will not happen on this one. And the thick leather will prevent the sides of the bag sticking out like "ears" where the strap is fastened. The shoulder strap is considerably shorter too - on the early Alexas the strap had too be shortened or extra holes made unless you were a giant. I'm short, 163 cm, so this suits me much better.

    The bottom line is that this is a different bag - it is nothing like the Alexas we have seen until now. Like many have said, it will be popular among those who like structured bags, but if you are a fan of the slouchy Alexa shape, this may feel too formal, I believe.
  6. Thank you for that im veering towards the black as well as i feel it is much smarter than the oak. Ive always loved the smarter structured look.
    Im def not a slouchy fan either;)