Black PNY Flap or Lady Braid

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  1. I have been dying to get the PNY Flap for a very long time and just yesterday I got an email from my S.A. who said she can get it for me in black. Problem is I have fallen in love with the black Lady Braid too...Which is the better buy? Help!!!:sad:
  2. Which Lady Braid? The flap?

    The sizes are SOOO different between the 2, can't really compare.

    Hard decision!
  3. black PNY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im waiting for mine to arrive this week =)
  4. I've seen lady braid(A33303 Y04300)..kind of chic/classy...whereas for pny..seems to be casual/all yr round bag. If u prefers day-to-day bag...pny will be more suitable. (quite big bag)
  5. ^yeah, that's why they're hard for me to decide between, they're really just SOOO different.
    The PNY is a really big bag and a litlte more casual.
  6. What is PNY Flap?
  7. Lady Braid Lady Braid!!
  8. JANICEMPH, it's the flap from the Paris-New York Collection.

    Swanky, I'm torn between the PNY flap and Lady Braid Satchel. I know, 2 very different bags, but which one would you choose?

    Thanks all for your replies. STILL UNDECIDED.
  9. pny flap -- is younger, more casual -- I love mine.
  10. Janice the PNY flap is teh Paris New York Flap, there should be some photos in teh Reference LIbrary.

    I'd go for the PNY I think, the Lady Braid is a little dressier than my taste and it looks like it would be too snug a fit on my shoulder w/ a sweater or coat, etc. . . .
  11. Lady Braid, I think it is so chic.

    Swanky- Thanks
  12. i love the lady braid FLAP but not so keen on the satchel. So in this case i'd go for the PNY flap!
  13. I would suggest the pny flap. I have the black and love that bag! Its so roomy, perfect for everyday.
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