Black pleated wristlet is here!

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  1. And it is a similar texture to the bag that I just brought back so I guess they are made with a pebbly leather. Now I just need my bag back! Its really adorable - definitely more of a small clutch size than a regular wristlet. It has a detachable strap on the side, that beautiful tattersall lining. Love it!

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  2. ^^^ooooo totally love it! SOOOOOOOO pretty! I want one! LOL, congrats!
  3. :drool: I like it!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Oh my! I had a feeling I would love it and I do!!! :tup:
  5. :drool: Love it!
  6. That is sooo cute! Do you know what other colors this comes in? How much was it? TIA :0)
  7. OOOo:huh:Oo:huh:OO:huh:OOo:huh:O!!!!! Pretty! :smile:
  8. So cute! I love that is has pockets inside. :tup:
  9. It is totally cute!!! :drool:
  10. Darnit, I was hoping I wouldn't like it.
    But I absolutely love it... my poor wallet :sad:

    Congrats, stunning stunning wristlet!
  11. It was $98, and I think it just comes in the regular leather colors - black, white, natural and burnt orange.
  12. :drool::drool::drool:
  13. Burnt orange too???? Oy...I don't know if I can handle this...sooo cute....

    Lovin your black one for sure! Nice!
  14. Your pleated wristlet is so cute. Love the tattersall lining.
  15. You and me both!!!