Black pleated satchel - let me know if you are tired of hearing about this!!!

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  1. So I went to my store today, brought back the first black satchel I received and they are going to order another for me. However, the SA's werent surprised at the texture of the bag. They said in their book and their educational film or whatever they watch, the leather bags did appear to be textured. They all LOVED my bag - 5 SAs tried it on and wanted it! They were all like us - torn between leather and patent. They also said I had to bring in the burnt orange one as soon as it came in so they can see if in person. I'll photograph both bags as soon as the come in! I also ordered the fishy keyfob - thanks MicheleNYC and Admat for the info/pictures of this little guy. I LOVE colorful fish and I have a blue beta so I had to have him.
  2. ^^^hmmm interesting donnalynn... so it is or isn't suppose to have that pebbled look to it? LOL... it seems as though the black leather is suppose to? hmmm has anyone else on TPF ordered the black satchel?
  3. I have the new Coach catalogue and all the leather pleated Ergos have a bit of texture to them. The front cover shows the burnt orange Ergo pleated satchel and it is DEFINITELY textured.
  4. That is interesting. Maybe they wanted to contrast the leather ones from the patent ones?
  5. Yes thats the book they had at the store, with the orange one on the cover. Its a close up of part of the strap/top of the bag, and there is definitely a texture to the leather.

  6. You can also see the texture if you go to the Japan site and do a close up of the bag. I know some dyes react differently to different types of leather. My metallic Bridgit has a lot of texture compared too all my leather ones, and all the Atlantic Lilies I've seen also have a pebble texture, whereas the other colors don't have so much. So it may be partially intentional and partially inherent to the way the dye reacts. But all pieces of leather will have different variations and will be somewhat unique with others. I don't recall seeing the burnt orange ones (from pics on the forum) having so much texture compared to the black...or maybe that was just the photos on my monitor.

    Like Coachgrl said, maybe if you don't like the new satchel that arrives, then you could order 2 or 3 of them and choose the best one. That's what the lady at the store told me a few days ago when I said I didn't like the lining up problem on the tattersall totes. If you have it sent to the store (they will overnight for free), then that way you can look at them and then immediately choose and return the others. I never thought they would like to do that if they anticipated you would return one, but she seemed to indicate it was normal.
  7. I hope you're able to see a variety to choose the best one that you'll love!:tup:
  8. I did not know they would overnight to a store for free, I wonder if they will do that for an outlet too (that is closer to me!)

    donnalynn11- I hope you get one you like next time!
  9. I'm glad everything is working out for you.
  10. is this the same as the framed satchels? if so my orange is not textured at all. odd... i wish it was.... damn scratches...

    nevermind, i just saw someelse's and my orange leather is just like their black leather.
  11. Woo Hoo! Can't wait to see pics!!!