Black pleated satchel has arrived!!

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  1. My little boy thinks Im nuts because I opened the box, got dressed (was just cooking and cleaning in my jammies!) and started taking pictures! He actually took the one where you can see the kisslock under my arm - I couldnt get a good shot in the mirror! Anyway its beautiful. I was a LITTLE disappointed as I didnt realize its pebbly leather - is that only the black or are all the leathers that way? Thats not my favorite kind of leather, but I'll live with it for the bag. Its really really really nice. Big but not huge, lightweight, and the drop is perfect for me (but Im only 5" so that may make a difference). Here are some shots. Its so comfortable to wear that I actually may return my Soho satchel (which I love but is REALLY heavy) and order another one of these - maybe in natural or natural patent. I have to think about it today).

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  2. That is fabulous!!!! I'm really thinking I want this in pink, but the black is amazing. I'm just not sure it would fit on my arm the way I like, I'm MUCH bigger than you ;)
  3. She's beautiful - thanks for posting pics!
  4. Very cute! It looks like the PERFECT size for you. And love the kisslock :tup:
  5. Ooohh Donna it's gorgeous! :drool: I am LOVING this bag.. if I had the money, I would buy one of these satchels in a heartbeat!!! :love: It looks great on you, love the pics, and love your little man's head poking out on the side of the first pic! ;) Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  6. Maybe just the black is pebbled like you said? Ooh, I don't know what to say about letting your soho satchel go but I know what you mean about heavy bags. Your little boy is a real cutie!
  7. Its beautiful!! I can't wait to get my pink in now!!! I am afraid I am going to want another one in Blue Patent!!
  8. Wow, I LOVE the black, that is one super gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  9. OMGosh!! The black is gorgeous!! It looks so great on you! I have a pink one on the way and if find I am madly in love with it, I might just have to get one in black too!!
  10. Very cute, congrat's.
  11. Such a pretty bag. I love the tattersall lining.
  12. I just saw that my son Nicholas is in that first picture - he's my little cutie pie!! Im going to post a picture later on of the two bags side by side just to get some opinions. I dont have anything like that Soho satchel though - its a seriously stunning bag, so its gonna be a hard decision!! Its just so heavy (and its still empty!!) Nicholas likes the kisslock (too much so Im afraid - he keeps opening and closing it - must stop that now!!) and told me to return the other one, so thats one opinion!
  13. That is so beautiful!! Looks great on you, too! I'm not usually a fan of the pebbled leather either but I think it's really nice with the black leather :tup:
  14. Wow that bag looks great on you! Congrats!!!!
  15. wow beautiful ! Let us know how the frame and kisslock work for you on a larger piece, I am intrigued !