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  1. I would love to hear what you think of the C2E2 exclusives!

    I can't remember if I've posted in here before, but I love BPAL (especially the sweet scents). I realized today on a trip to Sephora that I've gotten so spoiled using BPAL that I don't care for regular perfumes any more--all I can smell is the alcohol!
  2. As I package up the stuff I bought for others I will give mini reviews :smile:
  3. The Citadel of Awesome spray is awesome though. It is really sugary sweet and floral all at the same time.
    lair of Nefarious Misdeeds is really good too, but in a different way. It is dark with the leather and incense, but the benzoin over the top sweetens it up to make it awesome for a home
  4. Bathtub gin is fun! I think I will get alot of wear out of it this spring Summer. The gin and juniper combine to smell alot like ginger ale to me. but with an almost spicy kick
  5. Sky City After: It starts as burning wood (cedar or fir) It's a sweet wood, and that tar like smell. As it dries you get a hot pavement like smell.
    Dry it is not nearly as strong. The smoke is like a sweet wisp off in the distance. The dry smoke is lightly clove scented. There is also the scent of well baked pavement too. The throw isn't extreme, but maybe a few inches off the nose to smell it well.
  6. The Velvets: Not an exclusive but it is until its released on the site :p
    At first this is musky and floral. There is definaltely ylang ylang at first(it's a little sharp)
    Then It's all rosey incense. :tup:
    Door was my fave of the Neverwheres I tried thus far. It is a honey and chamomille. It's sweet and herbal and relaxing all at the same time. :cloud9:
  7. Volstead Act: In the bottle it is all pineapple and what I assume is rye. It hits my skin Hello sherry I smell like a drunk for awhile. When it is finally completely dry it is a pineapple, lemon drink. Still a little sherry but wayyy tamer. May be better in my clocket to avoid the I smell like a raging runk for 20 min part.
  8. Thanks so much for the reviews, purseprblem! Citadel of Awesome and Bathtub Gin sound great.
  9. Sky City Before: This is really pretty. It is like a meadow with flowers and grass, and just off in the distance being carried on the breeze you can get the hint of the brook bubbling by. This is a perfect spring day in a bottle.
  10. Well I only have a few more to review, and then the stuff for Bat's Day. Beth is amazing to be so busy, and to do it all with a toddler.
  11. I was absolutely sure I hated Snake Oil when I first got it and just left the imp in some forgotten corner.

    After 1 year, I saw it while packing, tried and I still hated it.

    But cause it is such a raved scent, I tried again after at least another 1/2 year more and surprise - it was lovely.

    Just saying so if you can bear to keep it for some time, you can try it after it has gone through aging. :p
  12. Thanks, Mokona. I definitely won't throw it out, but I won't be trying it again for a while.
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    My man loves "Lord of the Forest", its a twilight alchemy labs scent by bpal that is supposed to infuse him with virility! :nuts: He also likes Ra, Nero, and Wulric the Wolfman. There so many masculine and unisex blends to choose from, it can really be overwhelming!
  14. I bought doubles of Womb Furie (this lupercalia's snake oil and o blend) to age just for that very reason-even though I love it fresh as well. :p Athens is another favourite of mine that is better aged well - fresh it smells like a wine cellar, but aged it smells like a honey wine and amber sweet mead!
  15. I am telling you - bpal is worth checking into! :yahoo: