black peeptoe platforms

  1. I fell in love with the Marc Jacobs peeptoe (with the little bowtie on top) :love: today but the shoe is just not very comfortable to walk in after 5 minutes. Any recommendations for where I can find some cute black peeptoe pumps?

    Here's the picture of the peeptoe...
  2. I have the "Amy" by Jessica Simpson in black patent leather. Yes, they are by JS, but the shoe IS comfortable, and is very cheap! They are platforms. I also recommend putting "FootPetals" into your shoes to keep the balls of your feet comfortable and to keep your feet from 'sliding' forward.
  3. Oh, also went to, and they have a TON of platforms for less.

  4. I was curious to see these but could only find the "Amy" in a slingback. Are they made in a peep toe pump too?
  5. Funny I should see this thread now - but I was in NYC last weekend and was shopping in the Furla store on Madison avenue when I saw this gorgeous pair of black patent peep-toe pumps. I don't know much about Furla's shoes and don't own any - so I was really surprised to see how many great styles they had. I thought these peep-toes were exceptional IRL. The bow is suede and the matte of the suede looks great with the patent.
  6. Bluefly have got Delman pumps with the bow and peeptoe to them. Delmans tend to run a bit narrow, but I find them quite comfortable to walk in.