Black Pebbled Sienna on Bluefly

  1. Did you blink and miss the ones on Bergdorf' and Neiman's?? They had sienna's for like 2 hours and they were gone. I hesitated and missed out again! Then Bluefly gets them!! Score!!!
  2. I still think 375 for a pebbled Sienna is kinda steep. That's a smooth Sienna price. I saw Bluefly had a Jessie too but I think you could get it cheaper on eBay. Although there is a code sometimes you can use for 15% OFF.
  3. I saw that too. $375 is steep, but if somebody really wants one . . .
  4. I don't know, brand new..don't think $375 is too bad..
  5. I would do $375 for a new Sienna for sure - especially a raisin too, I guess...
  6. I'm probably one of the 2-3 people here that would take the pebbled bag over the smooth. :shrugs:
  7. Did you get it?
  8. double post. sorry
  9. Who, me? No, I already have 3 Siennas, a bourbon, a raisin and a black smoothie. I'm good. :nuts:
  10. Grace, don't your Siennas breed? Mind you, you've got a great collection there.
  11. Mini, I wish they would and have an espresso baby for me. :graucho:
  12. Put them all in one big pillow case, play some seductive music and see what happens......:blush:
  13. Gosh--I'm sorry I missed this thread earlier---so does Lexie have a recipe to breed Kooba's?! :graucho: Pebbled vs. Smooth?? Smooth for me..I'm still waiting, it's on the wish list.
  14. Maybe if you bred a pebbled with a smooth, you'd get one side pebbled and one side smooth - two different looks for two different occasions.

    Okay, I'm nuts.