black patina


Apr 18, 2011
i've had my speedy for afew years now and the patina was coming along lovely going very deep golden brown and now out of no where the handals are black in the middle, i try not to carry it with my hands mostly on my arm and i hadnt noticed it getting so dark.. it's as though it went black within one outing, which i cant belive. is there any way to lighten it or fix it atall. or do you think when the rest of the leather darkens it wont be as noticable?


Jun 21, 2009
I would usually agree with LV when they say don't put anything on the vachetta. I've read about some things to try though, but at own risk. If the black is oil, then I've read about some fine clay (not overly wet) could extract the oils. If it's dirt then there are some cleaning products mentioned in the faq here, or try a clean soft eraser very lightly only on the black. But it's easy to rub with the eraser too much and the leather grey and ugly forever.


Sad and Angry
Dec 7, 2009
The black it not patina but dirt and oil build up. Try cleaning it with a baby wipes first. You need to break thru the oils in order to clean it.

You might even try some soap ( maybe Dawn dish soap) and HOT water to cut thru the oils.

Some threads discuss using the Magic Eraser product but I would NOT suggest that as it is an fine abrasive product that essentilly sands off the surface of the leather - thus changing the finish.