Black Patent Zoe vs. Resort Tote # 13256

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Black Patent Zoe vs. Resort Tote # 13256

  1. Black Patent Zoe

  2. Resort Tote # 13256

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  1. #1 Jan 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2009
    Starting a Poll...

    the patent is the same.

    but since i have 4 Zoe's , should i exchange my big Black Patent Zoe for the Resort Tote?

    opinions??? what does anyone think of this bag? Its very different.
  2. I love, love, love my resort totes. It is a fabulous bag. I have the lilac and the rose gold. I know I will use them often for a long, long time. The side pockets are great; they feel great when you wear them, and the leather is fabulous. If you already have the Zoes, I would go for the resort tote.
  3. Resort Tote has my vote!! :tup:

  4. ITA! I have the black patent resort tote, and it's LOVE!!
  5. I chose resort tote. I love my zoes, but I have a black patent resort tote on it's way to me. I can't wait for it to arrive.
  6. how is the patent holding up on your resort? that style is so ???? different. haven't seen anything like it.

    the bottom is really wide, is that uncomfortable?

    its really pretty though.
  7. which color/size Zoe's do you have?
  8. I think it's nice to mix up styles so I voted for the resort tote.
  9. Hi I have the large copper zoe. A friend is looking for the red patent large for me. I haven't tried on or seen the black resort tote IRL, except for photos, I am going on that I love the look of it. It will arrive no later than Monday and I will give you an update of how I like it.
  10. sweet, thanks for your reply. How is your Copper Zoe holding up? The leather seem so thin. I just got it and haven't used it yet. but its really pretty!!

    my Zoe Collection consist of :

    • Editorial in Copper (the big kahuna.)
    • Med Red Patent
    • Med Espresso Patent
    • Large Espresso Leather

    and will more than likely exchange my Large Black Patent Zoe for the Resort Tote)
  11. I adore my copper zoe but I have to say it is only new and I have been very careful with it, so far so good, but I really haven't worn it enough to comment on the color holding up. I was concerned about getting it too because of the leather. But in the end it is so pretty I decided to get it. You have so many zoe's it might be time for a change to the patent resort tote. But I will keep you up to date when mine arrives because I don't want to say it is any better until it arrives and I see for myself.
  12. My resort tote arrived and I love it. My things only fill about half of the bag, it fits nicely on my shoulder, doesn't slip off, think the leather has a bit of grip on my shoulder. The base is wide but it squishes against me nicely. The drawstring is a bit difficult to loosen and then do up again, but I can easily put my things in without moving it. My modelling pic is a bit dismal, sorry, best I could do. Comparison pic also with my copper zoe. Hope this helps.

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  13. Congrats! It is beautiful!
  14. personally i did not really like the resort tote when i saw it online. but i saw one IRL yesterday and it is very nice.
  15. i love it, because it's so funky (that is a postive word because i am 47.. hehe)