Black patent VP w/ burgandy tip shipping out today from BG!!!

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I called BG to check on the status of the black patent VP burgandy tip. Remember that my original pair from January was WRECKED. :cursing:

    It has been backordered and expected to ship on 7/2008. Well, it is our lucky week for HG shoes, because they said that it SHIPPED OUT YESTERDAY!!! The shoe is IN STOCK and the SA said that all sizes are available. For those of you waiting for this shoe, it should be arriving this week!!! :yahoo:

    If you haven't already ordered it, then I recommend you call BG or go to their website to place your order. Here is the link......

    Note - if you are not located in NY and you order from BG, then you will NOT pay tax! :tup:
  2. OOoooooh! Congratulations, I can't wait to see!
  3. omg what? i saw it last night and thought to myself "i think this the one i asked about sunday that they didn't have in my size. sniffle" omg are you kidding? so they do have it in? eek. what to do? what to do? i'm trying to convince myself that i want black with black tip over black with red.

    i am so excited for you! what a week this is! can't wait to see them!
  4. :yahoo: What a week!

    I ordered from NM though and hopefully it won't be long of a wait for me.
  5. It is crazy that so many HG shoes are arriving for everyone - nudes, black patent VP, glitters, OH MY!!! It is like Christmas for everyone. It almost sounds like a cruel April Fools joke - but it's not!

    Doing the happy dance since I have been waiting for the black patent VP for 4 months!!! :party:
  6. Wow I wonder if I should get these lol
  7. Here is a modeling pic from my original damaged black patent VP........

    I still don't like how my second toe "jumps" out since it is longer than my big toe. Part of me thinks that I should stick with closed toe CLs. :sad:
    IMG_2011.JPG IMG_2012.JPG
  8. I just called NM and they said that their shipment is scheduled for July :crybaby:. I ordered from them b/c I got 2 sizes and i'll be returning the 1 that doesn't fit and I don't want to ship them to BG.

    Anyhoo, Lynn, I don't recall reading about your damaged VP. What was wrong with them?
  9. ^^J even if you order from BG you can return to NM customer service ;)
  10. RRSC is correct, I have ordered from BG and then returned to NM customer service department (usually located upstairs). It's very easy.

    Here is the thread on the damaged VPs that I received from BG. It makes my stomach turn when I think of how disappointed I was when they arrived....
  11. Lynn these look awesome on you!
    I'm really on a "ban" until the end of May, do you think these would still be around or do I need to purchase just one more shoe!!!:sweatdrop:
  12. My second toe is like that too. I avoided open toe shoes for years, but now I just don't care--I think we are WAY more critical of our own feet than other people are. I have always thought your shoes looked amazing on you--the ones pictured included, and honestly, I had not noticed "the second toe thing" until you mentioned it!

    Thank you for the update. The website still says "back ordered." Hmmm...maybe that was just my size--I'll check again.
  13. Good lord Lynn,
    how could BG even consider selling these to a customer!?:cursing:
    These are in awful shape!
    I'm glad that you're finally getting these TDF shoes and let's hope that it's not a repeat of last time.
  14. Ohh Lynn, they look gorgeous on you. Thanks for the info!!
  15. :sad: I just called BG with my order number, and they told me these are still back-ordered and not expected to ship until July.

    I guess you got lucky, Lynn! You deserve it after receiving that damaged pair!