Black Patent Very Prives on NM

  1. Because I know they're so hard to come by ...

    Sizes 9.5 and 11

  2. I love these shoes..I wear them all the time. Match with everything!! I love that about a shoe. :tup:
  3. ^^How's the sizing compared to the 85mm Simple Pumps?
  4. For me, I had to go half a size up for the very prives. I've noticed that usually for shoes with a peep toe I have to go half a size up.
  5. For me they were true to size.
  6. I had to go up a whole size but I have narrow feet and long toes. I find them still a tad tight. :supacool:
  7. Guess it's different for everyone..
  8. Update ... looks like they're gone but they seem to pop up once every 2-3 weeks. :yes:
  9. priiin, Tiffany and Stinas - thanks for the replies. I guess I have to go and try them on or order a couple of sizes on line again.
  10. ladies, anyone know the difference in name between these and the chunkier-lower heel prive?
  11. Chunkier low heeled very prives are simply called very prive 70. (I believe the number indicates heel height.)
  12. Hope you get them in the perfect size! :yes:
  13. LavenderIce - you got it right! 70 for 70mm = 2 3/4 inches in heel height.
  14. thanks girls.