Black Patent v Black Leather Coffer

  1. Yes, yes...I am in the throes of yet ANOTHER Coffer dilemma (I can just hear y'all taking a deep breath :p )

    I wanted the Coffer in black leather, then in cream and have bought neither. NAP have just gotten the black patent Coffer with lush silver hardware in and I'm finding myself drawn to it.....I do LURVE it but I think that the whole point of owning the Coffer is because the leather is so fab and sqooshy and yum, which you would miss out on with the patent version as it would be (I imagine, I haven't held one IRL) shiny and hard :shrugs:

    Then again, the patent leather would stand up to our crappy wet Irish weather better than the plain leather one. And patent and silver are tres this season but I'd prefer a bag that won't date.

    Of course the ideal soution would be to buy the black patent one and the cream leather one but finances (or lack thereof) will not allow this. What does anyone think? I'm having a v indecisive day (in case you couldn't tell!) so I would appreciate any learned advice that can be offered.
    Thanks guys! :smile:
  2. PLUS...there is only a long, cross-body strap and no little one so you couldn't carry it in the crook of your arm, or even detach the strap to use it as an over-sized clutch. Sigh....
  3. Get the regular black leather, I have it in cream, its amazing!!!! You can wear it many ways, and yes you are right, the leather is soft and smooshy and the patent is hard .
  4. Black leather coffer gets my vote. =)
  5. I prefer leather over patent
  6. in this style *coffer), i like it the most in leather.
  7. I vaote for the classic leather coffer becouse of the strip issue above.
  8. Thanks guys, I think I had my mind made up anyway but you've definitely swayed me towards the leather. Plus, sjunky13, I would sell my own grandmother for the cream one, I think it is just gorgeous and fab for summer. Even if it's high-maintenance it's worth it :woohoo:
  9. I've just bought the black leather (today) and it is beautiful. They did have the black patent and (I'm sorry to say this) it looked cheap. I really didn't like it, it was hard and unyielding.
    What I really liked about the leather coffer is that you can carry it several ways - cross body with strap long; by hand or in the crook of your arm by the plaited strap, or you can double the long strap up and wear it as a shoulder bag.
    Go for leather, you won't regret it. It's timeless.
  10. Yay Sarajane!!! When do we get to see your pics??? I agree, I much prefer the leather. I think patent looks much better on "smoothe" styles. It just doesn't grab me with pleats...