Black Patent Uptown on bluefly

  1. Saw one so far it measures 14½'' at widest x 10½'' tall at center x 6½'' deep so I'm not sure if it's the largest size? Selling for $1,516.00 not sure if that's a good price.
  2. That's very odd, considering this bag is new. Maybe that's an unpopular size?
  3. Perhaps they are not selling well. I was not very impressed with the uptown. I also left very visible fingerprints on the very smooth and shiny patent leather. SO was not impressed either, and he was willing to buy it for me.
  4. It's such an upright, lady like bag. Not the everyday kind of thing you just throw on, of course, but that's the beauty of it. So soigne. :heart:
  5. Bluefly has been getting a surprising supply of YSL bags this summer & in popular sizes & colours... I've been pleasantly surprised by that. The Uptown was gone last night but it might have just been in a holding basket when I was looking around.