Black patent timeless clutch?

  1. Hi! :smile: I've decided I would love a black patent timeless clutch (I don't have any black patent, or a clutch haha)... has anyone seen this recently at NM by chance (that's my store preference? Or anywhere else... I don't think (well, I hope!) that it is hard to come by, but I haven't seen one at my NM, and my SA wasn't in to do a search. TIA! :smile:
  2. No one? :sad:
  3. I asked my SA in Saks and NM about this clutch but apparently its sold out by now.. only got the caviar ones left. :sad:
  4. Ohhh, okay. :sad: Thank for the heads up happie_berrie... I'll try to see if my SA can do a search, but I guess it may be hopeless!

  5. i hope u can find one! :love: i love the patent black! :love:
  6. Thanks!! :heart: I figured the black patent would be a gorgeous addition, because I already have a black caviar medium classic flap, and nothing in black patent. She is still searching hehe, I will post if there is good news!! :smile:
  7. Keep us posted!
  8. Try Saks. I got mine there.
  9. Hi... did you purchase yours recently?

  10. Call NM in San Antonio they have hard to find bags, talk to Stephanie she's nice