Black Patent Secret Label Bag-pics

  1. Here is my first Chanel bag! Fed Ex just dropped it off about 15 mins ago. I can't tell you how excited I was when I opened up the package and saw the Chanel box sitting there waiting to be opened. It's absolutely gorgeous!

    Now I know people are torn about the "secret label" on the bottom...I wasn't sure how I would like it as I couldn't remember much since I didn't get more than 5 minutes with the bag. Never shop with a 14 yr old teenager! But I have to say I don't mind it at all. The bag has a deep metallic black sheen to it and I actually like the fact there isn't a 2nd flap inside. It's a bit roomier without it. My spouse is the one that picked it out for me. He thought this bag was fresh and modern and likes the label, that's what drew his eye to it along with the deep shiny color.

    Anyway, I love my bag!
    chanel1.jpg chanel2.jpg chanel3.jpg chanel4.jpg
  2. It's simply gorgeous!! Congrats! A great first Chanel. Enjoy it. :happydance:
  3. The patent leather looks gorgeous! Congratulations on your first Chanel and enjoy!
  4. I love it, very exciting for you! Sounds like your husband has great taste as well. Fresh and modern is a perfect description of that bag.
  5. This is a gorgeous bag!! Congrats!
  6. eek! I :heart: it!
  7. Congrats, very cute!
  8. Love the patent!!! This bag is very pretty. Congrats!
  9. Such a beautiful bag! Men seem to love this style. Out of all of the Chanel bags that we saw on our Las Vegas trip, my boyfriend liked this one the most. His eye was immediately drawn to it. Congrats on getting a terrific bag!
  10. Pond23,

    sounds like our significant others have the same taste :smile: my spouse usually helps with the selection of handbags, he knows i have a fetish for designer stuff (gucci, dior, LV, etc). for some reason he never liked chanel because it made him think of little old ladies, lol. so i'm glad he zeroed in on a bag he really liked that i liked as well.
  11. Very pretty bag!!!!!!!
  12. Ohhh, what a sweet DH you have! :nuts: :girlsigh: Chanel does patent leather like no other brand... I have the medium classic flap in black patent, and you're right, the inky almost metallic iridescence of the patent is soo gorgeous and standout!! :love: Congrats on your first of hopefully many Chanel's, and enjoy!! :yahoo:
  13. Congrats on your first! Enjoy!
  14. Super chic bag! Enjoy.
  15. Congrats on your first choice..its beautiful. Lucky you to have a DH with such great taste.