Black patent Rolandos or nappa leather Rolandos?

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  1. #1 Jan 16, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2009
    Well, I can't decide which one to choose!!! lol

    At the moment I can only find a pair of black nappa Rolandos in my size. I ordered them and cancelled, ordered again and cancelled again... Because something in my heart is telling me,"Get the patent ones!!!" :P

    I've got a pair of Alti's 140 in black calf. Maybe I should get something pop up more just like patent Rolandos??? So I really need you ladies to tell me:

    A. Take the nappa ones if you can't wait for having a pair of Rolandos. And then later you can get the wine red patent ones...

    B. Be patient!!! Wait for black patent Rolandos showing up!!! You'll get them!

    C. I anyway think nappa Rolandos are more comfy and versatile than patent ones...

    Thanks ladies! :heart:
  2. my vote: B!!!
  3. If you want the patent, wait for them.
  4. Wait for the patent. You know you'll never be completely happy with the nappa if you talk yourself into buying them.
  5. I say B. Be patient which i know is a hard thing to do! :Push:
  6. B!
  7. From your post I say B ... sounds like your heart isn't set on Nappy so you should wait for Patent!
  8. I would go with B too.
  9. B - You will always want them and you should get what your heart desires. Wow, you have such a tiny, petite foot. I am awed by your ability to wear 140s with such grace.
  10. Try have the black patent available in many sizes as of this morning. They also have the dark red, which you referred to. The only issue is most of the sizes are only available for pre-order with an estimated April delivery date. But, if you really want them, at least you will know they are on the way.
  11. B. wait for what you really want. be patient. i like patent better.
  12. Definitely wait for the patent ones.
  13. I myself am waiting for the patent!
  14. Wait for patent! That seems to be what you *really* want - so don't settle! :smile:
  15. B! I love Black Patent!