Black patent - Rolando, Pigalle, or Decollette?

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Your favorite black patent closed toe CL.....

  1. Rolando

  2. Pigalle

  3. Decollette

  4. Other

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Which closed toe CL do you think is the best to have a sexy black patent? My top two favorites are Pigalle straight heel and the Rolando. I want to be sexy, but I also want to be able to walk in it!

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. Lynn, since you already have the wine Rolando and you want something sexy and walkable, I say go with the Decollettes. I think comfort wise and walking wise it will take the same effort as you made with the Rolandos. As far as the black patent Pigalles, were you thinking of the 120mm? That will take much more work in order to be able to walk in them.
  3. In terms of the Pigalle, would it be the Pigalle 100 or the Pigalle 120 that you're considering?

    How about the Clichy 100 in black patent? Taking into account overall appeal, wearability, and rarity/availability of each shoe, I'd suggest the Rolando in black patent as that one is pretty hard to find now and not a "house" style like the Decollete 868 or Pigalle 120. If you can still find the Pigalle 100 in black patent (already sold out at CL boutiques) I'd get those too.
  4. I would say the decollete or the pigalle as I think they are the most sexy and walkable.
  5. I vote for Decolletes, I love mine to death. My black patent pigalles 120 had to go, they were just too impractical for me :crybaby:
  6. my vote, by order of sexiness:

    - pigalle 120
    - decollette
    - rolando

    as far as being practical? only you can answer that question. if you can dance the night away in pigalle 120's like Leda, then you have nothing to worry about.
  7. Decollette, then the Rolando. The Pigalle is sexy, but from what I read here, these shoes are meant to be for sitting and looking pretty, LOL!
  8. I voted for Decollete; they are just all-around classy and sexy. Not too hard to walk in....can't beat em!!
  9. I say: go with the Rolando's. I love mine, and I find them quite comfy!
  10. Decollete all the way!
    I agree with Lavender on this one. You already have the Rolando, so get something different.
    Comfort level of the Decollete is nothing different from the others. It takes time to break them in, but once you do, they are comfy. Very sexy shoe.
  11. my vote went to decollete!! they are classic CL imo and GORGEOUS!! so sleek and sexy, especially in black patent!!
  12. Pigalle is the sexiest hands down... decollete comes next.
  13. My vote is for the Decollete--as long as you get the correct size, so they'll be more comfortable. (I wish I had sized up a full size!) The style is so prefectly sexy and feminine.

    You already have the Rolando in wine, or I would have been tempted to vote for that one. The Rolando is such a hot shoe as well!
  14. Lynn - I voted for the Decollete - I think it is a very versatile shoe - lovely - can go day to night - just great! However, I think I recall your saying that you wear your CLs mainly as date and fun shoes. If so, you can't beat the Pigalle for that!!!!:tup:
  15. Pigalle 120 - if ever there was a shoe made for black patent, that's the one :tup: