Black patent reissue...

  1. Is anyone waiting for this to come out?

    I just put my name down at Saks...but was wondering if anyone has seen it in real life aside from the pic of Kate Moss wearing it...

    any thoughts on this bag vs metallic black?

  2. Here are a couple of pictures:
    mischa_bartona_400x300.jpg black patent 1.jpg
  3. is black patent with gold chain will arrive for fall? in what size? i thought there will be only black metallic and light /dark silver reissue... thank you!
  4. i like the bag! but i think i would only want it in small doses -- like maybe a 225? It seems as though thats the one Lindsay and Sienna are carrying too?
  5. ^ actually, wait. it looks more like the 226? whereas, mischa's looks more like the 225. Can anyone confirm?
  6. The patent reissue is coming but only in silver hardware. I think its coming in 226 and 227 only.
  7. The black patent reissue is the only reissue Saks is getting for the fall. It is a 227 w/ gold hardware. It is already out. This is the same one we had last fall.