Black Patent Reissue - PM Me if you want it!!

  1. My SA has another one on hold for me... PM me if you want the info!

    $2,495.00 227 size.

    Here's mine... he has the same one on hold:
  2. I think mimi has been looking for this bag (per her thread). Maybe you could PM her the info?
  3. Got it!! :yahoo:

    Thanks oachtrec and Bananax119!! :flowers: and plenty of good karma for you both!

    Hopefully I'll have it by the end of the week :upsidedown:...whew heww!!

    My ultimate bag collection is almost complete...mwa hahaha :lol:!!
  4. Congrats!!
  5. Congrats! I have the patent medium classic flap and when I see this one it makes me wanna get it too:heart:
    I'm gonna end up poor, why did I ever find this forum:cursing:

    Don't forget to post pix!
  6. Oh that's AWESOME mimi! So happy for you! Please post modeling pics if you have a chance - would love to see you rockin it! :rochard:
  7. Anyone know if there is another one around?
  8. Congrats Mimi. It is gorgeous!
  9. congrats, Mimi!