Black patent Ramona

  1. Does anyone have the black patent ramona? Any opinions one way or another about it? Please let me know, as I am considering getting this one.
  2. I have one and love it. You don't have to baby it because it is patent but the Choo patent is less plasticy-looking and really nice.

    Here is a pic.
  3. Here is a closer-up shot that shows the crinkle texture of the patent
  4. xlawson - there were two releases of the black patent Ramona. The one lionlaw shows is the original or first release. Several of the Choo girls have that one. As you can see, the texture is somewhat crinkled, which does not look plastic-ey. Then there was the black patent that came out in Cruise 07. This is being called "Soft Patent" by Jimmy Choo. It is very smooth and shows marks more easily. It is, oddly enough, not as soft as the crinkled release. We all have strong opinions on which one we like better. Which type are you looking for?
  5. I have the wet look Riki in black. I've actually been thinking of selling as it is not been my favorite Choo, but now that I see lionlaw's Ramona, I think I'll keep it. It is a great bag to carry in the rain as the water does not stain and you can just wipe it clean.

  6. I was asking about the new one as I did not know you could even get the older one. What is your opinion on the newer version of the patent leather? Thanks so much for helping out.
  7. Sorry, didn't even think about the new version.

    The version that I have is still floating around in some choo boutiques. I have a friend who ordered a red riki in the same leather style from a UK boutique last November.

  8. ITA with lionlaw :yes:

    I do not care for the newer one and it came across to me as being very Plastic looking. The "Wet Look" Patent series was from Fall/Winter 2006 and is much softer and more luxurious looking and feeling. I would try to find one from last year IMO :tup:

  9. I am not a fan of the new smoother patent, too platic looking for me. OY - the yellow version looks like a rainslicker...or as Stinker said, when she sees it she looks for the Gorton's Fisherman. I much more prefer the older version.