Black Patent Quilted Elise..

  1. I don't know if any of you are looking for the black quilted elise, but if so you can try Neiman's Beverly Hills on monday afternoon.
    I bought the bag about a month ago but it still hasn't grown on me:sad: . It's smaller than I'm use to and I just can't picture myself carrying it:crybaby:, so to my dismay( i hate to give up a good deal) I'm returning it. I've never carried it, tags are still attached, and it's in pristine condition.
    I bought it for a great price $600(w/shipping & taxes). So I would love to see a fellow tpf member get it:yes: .
    I will post immediately upon return of the bag;) !!!!!!!
  2. How sweet of you to share this with us!

    If somebody wants this, they should pm her and ask her to tell the SA to hold it for them once she returns the bag. Good luck!
  3. ^ absolutely!

    ali, did you buy it from if so, i think they probably won't allow it to be sold at the'll probably just go back online. that's how i ended up with mine...a tPFer returned hers, and i stalked the website until it showed up :smile:
  4. shoppings, I didn't know you got one too! Congrats!! that's three of us with the patent elises, wow!
  5. I bought it at, I will ask them if it will go online or be placed in the store. Thanks for the heads up:smile: .
    I wonder if they will hold it in the store if someone wants to pick it up the sameday:confused1:
  6. yep...and it's all bag.lover's fault :smile:

    i do love it, though....she's just fabulous! if i could find one in blush, i think i'd have two....
  7. thanks for letting us know! :love:
  8. NM and are different. Items get sent back to the online store.
  9. Darn't...i would love to have that bag especially at that price. I think that I'll start stalking i'll be lucky.
  10. Alright, anyone looking for the quilted elise start stalkingNM's website:yes: . I returned it today. Goodluck;) !!!!