Black patent Pigalle w/ sculpted heel

  1. Does anyone have a pic of a celeb wearing this shoe? TIA
  2. are these the ones you're talking about?

  3. I think those are the 5" version, not the 4" version, which was the one with the sculpted heel instead of it going straight down.

    I really want a pair with the sculpted heel..either black or white. :smile:
  4. The sculpted heel is yummy... :p
  5. can someone post a pic of the shoe? i might have a pic of a celeb wearing it if i know what it looks like.blackbird - i'm in SF too :smile:. i'm sure there are quite a few members here from the bay.
  6. I FOUND IT I FOUND IT! I need a life..

  7. hmmm....does someone want to break their "ban"???? lol
    Its a great shoe to do so! They remind me of F* me shoes. hehe....I want a pair!!!
  8. I was wearing my N. Prive Tiger last night and said that^^ to DH. He said "ummm, but I don't have a shoe fetish." Blech! My efforts were wasted :tdown: :shame: :lol:.
  9. My fiance is the same way :sad:. Men are odd :push:
  10. My bf is a sort of a shoe if I say that to him, which I have, it turns out to be a GREAT night :yahoo: lol
  11. Oh wow, I had forgotten I ever posted about this! Thanks for the pic madamelizaking!
  12. My SO is a total shoe guy, unfortunately for our bank account he's my biggest enabler :yahoo:
  13. i'm glad someone found a pic. believe it or not, more guys are into shoes than women think. and i'm not just speaking for myself :yes:. although a lot of us are too embarrassed to admit it. it took a few years before i came clean to my wife. and i'm glad i did, but now she knows my weakness! it's like cryptonite.

    we used to call these CFM shoes back in the day. (come F* me) :lol:.
  14. about guys being into shoes, thats so true!! i went out to dinner with a girlfriend and a guy friend and we decided to go shopping on a whim. he enabled me into buying 3 pairs and he kept saying "women look SO sexy in heels, its one of the most attractive things a woman can wear.." I was pretty shocked becuase I didn't think guys cared!!

    anyways pigalle with the sculpted heel are beautiful! and in black patent, oh myyy so pretty! but i still prefer the original.
  15. LOL, that is exactly what I was thinking when I saw these. :roflmfao:My BF ia not a shoe guy either. :shame: