Black Patent Muse

  1. I just received my black patent croc-embossed Muse in medium; the handles are oh-so-thin, and the bottom is sort of wrinkled up. It's very light weight, too. It's going back.

    I've coveted a Muse for a long time, and was very disappointed in the quality. The regular leather Muse felt great in my hand...Has anyone else had the same reaction to the croc-embossed leather?
  2. Pictures please...
  3. No can do- already boxed up and in the FedEx office. It was too painful to look at. If it hadn't come from Neiman, I would have thought it a fake...
  4. wow, i am so disappointed to hear this. i was looking forward to seeing pics as a black croc muse seems so drool-worthy.

    i am so sorry for you pursedoc.
  5. me too... *snffff*. I was hoping for a nice feel, kind of "hefty", solid... it felt like plastic. Even the handles were flimsy. Can't wait to talk to my SA- to see if the other leathers are similar. The ones I've fondled at the YSL boutique had SUCH a nice hand (but they were not patent).
    There are a few threads about other YSL bags in patent... Maybe I should but in and see what they think?
  6. pursedoc, what a disappointment! I confess that I've only glanced at the patent YSLs at NM - I spent most of my time drooling over an anthracite Downtown - but I do hope that your bag isn't representative of the entire line!

    I know several PFers who have the patent Downtown and haven't heard them complain...and the croc-embossed Tribute is hot. Just not the Muse! :sad:
  7. Yes, I have read their rave reviews. I wonder if the handle is more substantial? The photos posted look like it may be.
    I felt like I was paying $1500 for "plastic"- not that I haven't squandered $$$ before ... hehehe. But this definitely wasn't worth it.
  8. I bought this bag in Paris about a month ago, when it wasnt even available here yet. I have received a TON of compliments on it-and I live in LA where there are a lot of fabulous bags out there!
  9. That is so great! I had such high hopes... maybe your handles are different?
  10. I guess. I double checked the handles yesterday for sturdiness, and they seem pretty good, not flimsy at all. Perhaps they make slightly different versions in Europe? Don't know. In fact, the Tribute black croc in Paris felt really cheap and flimsy...I was trying to choose between the two and the Muse was a no-brainer.