Black Patent Muse or Black Balenciaga City

  1. Still need a black bag. Which bag do you think will feel less dated by the end of spring 07?
  2. I would go with the black B-bag. It's a timeless, seasonless bag that is super lightweight and functional. I love mine!

  3. I vote for the B-bag also, you won't be fact you'll get addicted!:yes: If you do decide on the YSL Muse go for the buffalo/leather instead of the patent....I think the patent dates it AND gets marked up easily, not to mention you got to constantly keep it clean and shiney!:s
  4. The two bags are so different in style and size that its hard to say without knowing your needs and what else you already have...BUT, I would agree with pursemama that the YSL Muse in the regular buffalo leather, not the patent, would probably be more timeless.
  5. Mmm.. I like both but I completely agree with not getting the Muse in Patent Leather.

    If I had to pick my vote would be for the Balenciaga. :heart:
  6. Ditto - of your choices, I'd go with the Bbag. The patent will be really dated again by the end of the winter season.