Black Patent Loubs

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  1. Hi all! I'm getting my first pair of Louboutins and am planning on getting black patent Pigalles.

    I was just wondering what the patent looks like after they have been worn several times. Creasing or anything? Pictures would be wonderful!

    Also, I understand that the patent will stretch. Any advice about sizing and fit, keeping breaking in and stretching in mind?

    TIA ladies!
  2. Hello! I do not believe that the patent will stretch as much as kid or suede leathers. I have had to work on my patent Declics quite a bit, they are still snug, but not painful. I used the blow dryer/thick sock method. Hopefully more Loubie ladies will chime in with their experiences!
    Good luck, and enjoy!
  3. My patent new simple didn't stretch much even though i wore them so many time. I will take pictures to shoes you how they look
  4. Thank you!
  5. I would really appreciate that! Thanks!
  6. My patent stretched tiny bit and no crease at all, my favorite pair of shoes, old style Pigalle :smile:
  7. Here are couple pictures, i have them for several years. I used to wear them a lot when i was at my old job. No scratch or stretch. I love patent lol

    1469660010114.jpg 1469660033022.jpg 1469660041732.jpg
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  8. Oh, that's wonderful to see! Thank you!