Black Patent London Tote Midi Group Bespoke


Bonafide Bag Hag
Jun 20, 2007
Good morning ... I created a group bespoke for the following bag:

Collection London Tote Midi Leather
Soft Black Patent Leather (but listed in bespoke as midnight glossy since black patent isn't a choice on the BEC tool - at my request, Rose rounded up some from the tannery)

Hardware Silver

Lining Silvery Gray

Features Square stamp
Standard Length handles
Crystals on tags
Extras Large studs instead of feet
Message Only option is:
(1) Large studs on bottom instead of feet

Rose tells me this is really soft, cushy black patent - not that plastic-looking or stiff stuff - really nice. BEC price for this bag is $795 but if we can get up a group of 6 people, it will be the stock price instead of the BEC. I have already paid my deposit. tloveshim just revealed a LTM and loves the standard issue bag so I didn't select any options except putting studs on the bottom instead of feet (which are pointy and more susceptible to breakage, getting caught in clothing, etc. The studs are rounded but still provide protection for the bottom of the bag). I've already paid my deposit and tloveshim will also be signing up. This is going to be a gorgeous bag. The name of the group is BLKPAT TMM. It will be showing up soon.