Black Patent Leather...trend or classic?

  1. So today I bought a pair of black patent leather Miu Miu question is do u think black patent leather pumps are a classic item that I'll be able to wear season after season or is it too much of a trendy item? Love them but if they're more a of trend I'd rather return them and invest in something I'll be able to use for years to come. Opinions appreciated.

    Thanks Ladies!
  2. i say it's a matter what happens, it will always be a staple in every woman's wardrobe..
  3. i too agree that it's a classic. :tup:
  4. Definitely classic.
  5. classic
  6. classic here too. love patent
  7. Really? I always thought more of a trend. Albeit a trend that happened to last for a pretty long time.

    I'd say go more with how much you love the shoes.
  8. Black patents are classic. Any other color and it could look too trendy. It just depends if it's more of a "classic" shoe style. But dealing with black patent is classy!
  9. I agree that black patent is classic. As for other colors, I think it depends how you wear it--red or blue patent shoes may be trendy, but if you wear them in a couple of years, they may be just the "edge" that your outfit needs. It's all in how things are put together. It's not just the color that makes something classic or not--if it's a platform patent shoe with studs and a clear lucite heel, there's just too much going on to be anything bt trendy, but any one of these factors alone would be fine, even in the long term--KWIM?
  10. I agree with urologist. I think simple black patent will aways be in. I just bought these Steve Maddens from Smart Bargains, and they are more trendy. But for $39.95, well, who cares?
    Steve Madden Director.jpg
  11. I bought a pair of Prada patent leather pumps this season. I'm completely obsessed with them, so I'm glad I did. Here's a pic:

  12. Classic!

  13. i agree with this... patent seems to come and go, but when its in, it sticks around for awhile.
  14. ok thanks ! I'll definitely be keeping them, I figure its worth it to splurge a little on something you can get a lot of use out of
  15. Depends on the style. If the style is trendy, the patent ends of looking trendy rather than balancing out the shoe however, if the style is classic, the patent will look classic.

    All in all, I would say classic.