Black Patent/Leather Combo Muse?

  1. I've been holding off buying a Muse because I simply can't decide which one I want (in large - the white, chocolate or black) and then this "Muse Patent Leather Satchel" on the Neiman Marcus website caught my eye:

    It looks to me like it is patent leather on the straps and on the "Y" portion, whereas it is regular leather on the rest of the bag. I've seen the regular patent leather bag and this looks different to me - wondering if it's new for the fall or if I'm just seeing things. I would love to see this bag in person, if indeed it is different... Has anyone seen it IRL?
    YSL Muse Medium Patent.jpg
  2. I think that's a bad photo... I'm only familiar with an ALL patent Muse. I know they come in white, black and a dark brown that has some purple undertones...
  3. I just saw this one online tonight as well. Its hot and I was thinking of getting it instead of another Balenciaga (I believe in having as many different designers as possible, but still luv :love: my BBag and that is why I am torn). My question about it is, why is it $100 less than the other Muse bags of the same size? And what about the Leopard Print one...thats hot!
  4. Mink, I believe you are correct about just the "Y" and the handles being patent, and the rest regular leather on this one, although I haven't seen it in person. There are also all-patent Muses, of course, and patent is generally less expensive that regular leather. I've been reading in the fall-preview fashion mags that patent is supposed to be "big" for fall, but I've always found it to be kind of "sticky" to the touch, if you know what I mean, not as sumptuous as other leathers. This half-and-half bag kind of resolves that issue, in my opinion. So if you like it, go for it! I'm not sure if I personally would chose it over the regular Muse, though.

    I've been thinking about another YSL patent bag, called the Anais, which I have seen in person in NYC, but I'm leaning against it.

    Fyi, laurenbarret, I haven't seen a leopard print Muse. The YSL bags I've seen in leopard print are the other popular satchel, often called the Yse. They look similar, but don't have the Muse's "Y" on the front or the lock on the front...
  5. You might want to call a YSL store and see if they've heard of this style. I know that the all patent Muses are a $100 less than the regular leather Muses...
  6. I like this combo!
  7. Wow.. That is an interesting combination that works nicely with the Muse Style if it actually is part patent. The 'Y' really stands out when only it is in patent. I could be wrong but even the little 'Y' on the key fob looks like it is patent as well. But the description indicates just 'patent'. It doesn't indicate that part of it is leather & part is patent. Maybe NM cs could help. I agree with Jill D.C. too in that patent was big for spring summer & doesn't appear to be slowing down popularity-wise for fall '06! :smile:
  8. So the final verdict... there is no such thing.

    I stopped by the 5th Avenue store to ask about it and they said they haven't made anything like it (at least not yet). So it's probably just a bad pic of the patent bag, as wickedassin observed.

    Oh well! :crybaby:
  9. it is veryy different...i have the XL Patent leather and from the pic u have up it looks like the regular leather not shiny