Black Patent Leather Beauty!

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  1. Another bayswater for the cat,she's black & beautiful:yahoo:.Nothing beats a beautiful black patent leather bag and a pretty open toe pump in my book,classy and classic.

    The pics were a rush job but I hope they convey how pretty the BPL is IRL.

    Attached Files:

  2. That is GORGEOUS!
  3. Would love to see some modelling pics. Looks very classy indeed!
  4. Uber glam, congratulations
  5. Oooh, classy indeed! Modelling pics, please? Congrats!
  6. Cat, it's gorgeous, congratulations!! Obviously I am biased, but wow that will seriously turn heads, and will make any outfit glam!

    Well done on a beautiful purchase!!
  7. Thanks for the pics Cat - very nice indeed :biggrin:
  8. Gorgeous pictures! You are going to look fabulous in those!
  9. gorgeous! classic! Beautiful!
  10. stunning! congrats
  11. Oh so Lovely - Congrats!!
  12. yes fab bag congrats xxx
  13. Stunning Bays!! Congrats!
  14. Amazing, love it :yahoo:
  15. So glamorous! Stunning bag and shoes! Well done!