Black Patent jumbo available at NM!

  1. My SA just called to tell me they just came in at Neiman Marcus Newport Beach. $2395 before the price increase. Call Cynthia Smith at 949-887-3765 and tell her Lani sent you.
  2. Thanks for the info! Looks like many NM's are still getting (or awaiting) new stock of this & the navy patent flaps. Thank God the price increase tomorrow doesn't affect the patent flaps.....this is one bag that I need to get this fall.
  3. Hi there, can you tell me where did you get the info on the patent not increasing? I was at South Coast plaza Chanel boutique and Bloomingdale they both said yes to the increase.
  4. I was told by my SA at South Coast on Monday that the patent jumbos will NOT go through the price increase. :yahoo:
  5. I called NM Newport Beach and they confirm no price increase on patent jumbo. :yahoo:
  6. Well, that's a good news. It is such a gorgeous bag, hopefully I can get one before its time for price increase.
  7. I checked with the buyer at BG and then Lisa Hamlin from NM Troy MI also verified with her NM Chanel buyer (after checking the list of 11/1 price increases) that the price is not going up tomorrow. I was so grateful to hear this news b/c I *need* to get a patent jumbo but just can't buy everything at once.