Black patent - how much is too much?

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  1. I have developed an obsession with black patent and I'm trying to ban myself from anymore black patent shoe purchases (moving onto nude patent now:p). I have four pairs...:s...i know that's not overly excessive, but..

    how many do you own? Is it time to stop?
  2. I think one pair is enough for my wardrobe. Although currently the only black patent is I have is one pair of crushed black patent Jimmy Choo "Prince" boots.

    They really jazz up an outfit.
  3. Hey Babypie, I just posted a photo of a patent in my "yay or nay" thread.

    I love patents too, they're such a throw back to the 80's (for me) and are just plain fun!

    I think it really depends on the style of the shoe. Having several pairs of patents that are too similar in style and color might be bit excessive. But, other than that, I don't think you can have too many patents. (just make sure you're going to get some good use out of them)

    I've been on the lookout for beige/camel rolandos for the longest time! Can't seem to find any in my size. Grrr

    I'm also hoping he'll make a pair of navy patent prives!
  4. I saw some gorgeous navy patents in a small boutique a while ago, i tried them on and everything, but talked myself out of them because I wondered how much wear I'd get out of navy shoes...
  5. I own two pair... in another month, I will have the last pair I want. I know your obsession - it was mine too!
  6. Aww... I can't wait to get my hands on a pair! :heart:
    (I've always wanted blue suede shoes, but since I'm not big on suede, patent will do.. haha)

    I think navy is the 'new" black (but, I also get bored easily and am constantly replacing my blacks).

    At the moment, I'm in a black phase, but when it gets old, I start to replace it with: chocolates, navys, and deep wines/purples.

    What size are you looking for?
    (I'll make sure to let you know if I stumble across any in your size..)

    There are some nude ROLANDEs at footcandy.
  7. Congrats!

    From the looks of your name, I guess you have an obsession with shoes.

    Welcome to the family.. haha
  8. I have red patent heels...HOT. Haven't even worn them out because I'm too scared! I love patent! Still need a pair of nude and black.
  9. I think as many as you need is the right number. Some shoes work best with certain outfits so you could theoretically have a variety of black patents. I love your idea of nude patent. I've been thinking of that color myself.
  10. I just bought a pair of black patent peeptop pumps, and I love them! I also have a pair of Givenchy sandals in black patent, and a pair of flats with ivory patent. I love red patents, but it may be too loud for my style. I'm thinking about grey patents, deep red patents, and after reading this thread, nude patents. SHI...NNYY! :nuts:
  11. Aww you should have got the navy. I have a pair of navy patent pumps and i wear them with jeans. Blue is a neutral color so you can wear them with just about anything. Get as many pairs that you want in black you can never have too many as long as thier not too similar in style.
  12. I have Bettie Paige-esque black patent pumps, genuine patent leather Doc Martins, patent flats, and I'm going to be buying a pair of patent platform boots for winter.

    In individual items, I don't see any harm in having a lot. However, a whole OUTFIT of it is only okay if you're a dominatrix or just going to go to the fetish club.
  13. Patent will never go out of style! NEVER! teehee I have many pairs of patent, but of course, black rules the roost. If you count just black patent Louboutins alone, I've got... "Way more than any marching band will ever need" as the BF will attest.

    I particularly like when patent in any color is used to accent its non-patent cousin in the same shade. Adds depth.

    Go ahead and purchase whatever you like, patent or no. Cuz if it makes your :heart: go pitter-patter, who cares if you have more than you should?
  14. i own 3 pairs, a pair of peeptoe heels from louboutin, a pair of pointed toe slingback from miumiu, and a pair of cutout heels from giordano, sorry forgot about the pair of ballet flats from gap.
  15. You bought the Tods! :yahoo: