Black Patent GST + more at my locals saks for ECG...


Aug 2, 2007
Somewhere on the East Coast
If anyone is looking for the black patent GST, my Saks just got one in yesterday, along with a bunch of red and black (I thought they were grey, but the SA insisted black) bubble quilts in medium, flaps and totes, and a green bubble quilt flap and cream BQ tote. There's also a medium/large white Evening Star flap.
Some of the other stuff that I can remember (sorry, didn't take pics this time):

Black patent wallet (I really liked this one)
Grey cashmere scarf/hat/gloves (fingerless and normal) with raised sequins and embroidery (these are beautiful)
Black mademoiselle bag
Dark red GST in caviar
Silver reissue- I'm guessing it's the 226.
A log of In and Out bags in black and purple
Paris Biarritz in silver
Jumbo flap in grey lambskin
Black Le Marais flap
Brown GST
Brown caviar wallet
Medium flap in brown

Anyway, if any of these sound remotely interesting, call the store at 804-320-6960 ext. 5356 and talk to Terrie, Tiffany, or Carmen.