Black patent gallery tote or black patent ergo?

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  1. I am now determined to get a black patent bag this spring. Should I choose a gallery tote or ergo hobo?
  2. Wich one do you like the best??
  3. Good Question. I like the hobo because i like the slouch but hobos are hard to keep organized and locate things in. I like the gallery tote b/c its organized but too structured and boxy. hmmm... did I answer my own question?
  4. I prefer the hobo style. I keep all my stuff pretty organized in them with wristlets etc.

    The Ergo hobo is easier to carry for me than the gallery tote. Both are very nice though.
  5. My choice would be the hobo.
  6. Im just the opposite. I really dont care for hobos at all. I have the gallery tote in mahogany patent and its a gorgeous bag. That would get my vote!!
  7. I vote for the gallery tote, as well. I just switched my work tote yesterday from my Legacy satchel to my Signature gallery tote and I absolutely love it. I've always loved the gallery totes and never much cared for hobo styles.
  8. My vote is for the hobo! :tup:
  9. Love the black patent ergo hobo!!!
  10. I think they're both really pretty & for similar reasons (black patent!). If it were me I'd consider if I already have hobos or totes and get something to complement what I have.
  11. Did Coach only make the black patent Ergo hobo in one size? (the large) I just find it slouches kind of funny so I would say maybe go with the Gallery Tote.

  12. Macy's sells the black patent in medium

    I think its department store only.
  13. i returned my ruby patent tote because it did not form well when i put my arm down. its a really pretty style but i didnt like the boxy bottom
  14. I think you also have to decide what kinda of patent you like more. The hobo is crinkley and the gallery is smooth. I prefer the crinkle.. it's soooo smooshy.
  15. I think that I would like the gallery tote better, but it sounds to me like you should go with the ergo!:idea: